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SKYTRAXX 5 comparison and availability

Where does the new SKYTRAXX 5 position itself compared to the 2.1 and 4.0?

The hardware of the SKYTRAXX 5 integrates state-of-the-art components directly on the board, which explains the introduction of a new model series and has thus received the designation "5".

It is not a successor to the SKYTRAXX 4.0, which has a color display and an integrated map display.

Is this a successor to the SKYTRAXX 2.1?

Yes, but with significant advantages and extensions. The display has been significantly enlarged and now impresses with its outstanding contrast. The sound quality corresponds to that of the 4-model. The sensor technology was equipped with first-class components, which leads to an absolutely instantaneous reaction of the variometer. State-of-the-art GNSS technology ensures excellent reception and fast acquisition of GNSS data. In addition, it has a GSM function for live tracking, over-the-air updates for firmware, airspaces and the obstacle database. Bluetooth and WLAN are also integrated. The keyboard has been improved, while the slim design is complemented by a scratch-resistant glass front that protects the display. The integration of FANET is included as well as the optional activation for FLARM. It is also ADS-L ready.

Is the SKYTRAXX 2.1 still available?

Unfortunately no, due to the unavailability of various components, production has been discontinued.

Is the SKYTRAXX 4.0 still available?

Here, too, the supplier of the display threw a spanner in the works. The display will no longer be manufactured without notice to us. That's why we can no longer produce the SKYTRAXX 4.0.

We have to adapt to the challenges in procuring components and react accordingly.

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