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With the sound editor you can create your own Vario sound profile very flexibly and adapt it to your own needs for the SKYTRAXX 2.1 and SKYTRAXX 3.0 also SKYTRAXX 4.0. An existing file containing all sound profile data can be opened with the "Select file" button. The files are located on the SKYTRAXX in the "vario_tones" folder. There is also the option of dragging and dropping a file onto the editor. If the mouse is moved to the left or right, the climb rate is simulated. The corresponding value is displayed above the line. The range extends from -8m / s to + 8m / s. If the frequency (pitch) is to be changed, a point on the orange line must be selected with the mouse and moved with the mouse. If you drag the point upwards the frequency increases, downwards the tone becomes deeper. In this way, the desired pitch can be set for the corresponding climb value. The tone duration is changed with the gray line. The procedure is the same as for the frequency change. Moving upwards increases the duration of the sound, moving it downwards makes the sound shorter. The utilization can also be set as a third value. This is shown with the light gray area. If you pull the points up to 100%, the sound stays on permanently. At 50% the sound is on and off for the same length of time. In the scale area below you can still set when the sink or rise tone should start. The dark gray bar can be moved at the ends with the mouse. Finally, save the profile under a name. In the Vario, copy the file to the "vario_tones" folder. The new sound profile can then be selected in the Vario itself.


If there is no sound in the sound editor, it is due to the browser settings. The sound output must be activated.

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