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Most electrical devices come with batteries. In connection with the sale of these batteries, we as a dealer are obliged under the Battery Act to inform our customers of the following:

Please dispose of old batteries, as required by law, at a municipal collection point or hand them in at your local store free of charge so that raw materials and possible pollutants can be recycled in a targeted manner. Disposal in household waste is expressly forbidden according to the Battery Act. Batteries that we carry or have carried in our range can be returned free of charge after use at the address below or sent back to us by post with sufficient postage. This applies to quantities that end users usually dispose of.


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The crossed-out garbage can, which is printed on all packaging of batteries, indicates this obligation. You will also find the chemical symbols for the substances cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb) or mercury (Hg), provided that these are contained in concentrations above the limit values.

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