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SKYTRAXX 4.0 09/2022

  • Added SafeSky Radar. The Next Revolution - Skytraxx & SafeSky

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the Belgian company SafeSky to improve the interoperability of SKYTRAXX.

SKYTRAXX now includes SafeSky traffic, improving visibility and safety for the paramotor and paragliding community. SKYTRAXX users transmit their location directly to SafeSky's servers and receive back SafeSky's traffic thanks to the embedded SIM card.

This partnership is a significant advance that opens up new possibilities. SKYTRAXX is once again establishing itself as a pioneer in the field of general aviation flight safety.

  • XCglobe online contest is now supported.

  • Connection of a TrueAirSpeed Sensor (TAS) possible. Display of trueairspeed with stall warning. Flymaster sensors are supported.

  • FANET automatic frequency adjustment for operation outside the EU.

  • Bugfixes

As usual, you can find the update in our download area.

Have fun trying!

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