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New firmware is now available for the SKYTRAXX 5.

We have integrated the 5-point take-off check into our Vario to improve the safety and comfort of paragliders. Here are some reasons why this check is important:

Ensure safety: The takeoff check is designed to ensure that all important aspects of the paragliding flight are thoroughly checked before takeoff. By integrating it into the Vario, we ensure that pilots do not forget or skip this check, as the Vario is a central instrument that they use before takeoff anyway.

Establish routine: Routines are critical in safety-critical situations. By integrating the takeoff check into the Vario, we help pilots develop a solid routine that they can go through every time before takeoff. This minimizes the risk of forgotten or overlooked points.

Adherence to Best Practices: The 5-Point Takeoff Check includes important checks such as the condition of the glider, the pilot's equipment, weather conditions, etc. These best practices are critical to a safe flight. By integrating it into the Vario, pilots can ensure they are always adhering to these best practices.

Volume settings:

An additional setting for the volume has been created. The volume for the vario sound and the voice output can now be adjusted separately.

Improvements in the thermal assistant, track track can be set in points or lines.

Battery display is now correct.

You can find the firmware in Download Bereich. For all customers with Premium Connectivity, the new firmware will be automatically uploaded and installed.

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