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Tweety is a sensitive light vario for Hike & Fly or simply as a replacement vario

Incline tone:> 0.3m / s

Sink tone start: <-2.5m / s (can be switched off)

Averaging: 1.5 seconds

Battery CR2450, runtime> 250 hours

Available in orange


Turn on

Press the button until you hear a short acoustic signal. Then release the button within 3 seconds and the Tweety switches on. The welcome tone sequence sounds. After a pause of 0.5 seconds, the battery status is displayed:


  • 2 x beeps: battery is full

  • 1 x beep: battery is good

  • No beeping: the battery should be changed

Turn off

Press the button until you hear the switch-off tone sequence. Release the button.


Auto switch-off function

Tweety switches itself off automatically if the climbing values ​​are between
-0.8 m/s and 0.8 m/s within 30 minutes.


The sink tone can be switched on or off. Remove the battery. Hold down the button while inserting the battery. Release the button.

  • 2 x beeps: sink tone on

  • 1 x beep: Sink tone off


  • Climbing tone:> 0.3m / s

  • Sink tone: <-2.5m / s

  • Averaging: 1.5 seconds

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