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Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The waiting will come to an end soon. From October we will start delivering the new SKYTRAXX 5!

Discover the brand new Skytraxx 5 variometer - developed exclusively for you! 🚀

Dive into a whole new flight experience with the Skytraxx 5! Our proudly presented variometer will revolutionize your flight experience and take your adventures in the air to a whole new level.

🌟 Admire the sleek design, specifically engineered for supreme comfort and style. Even with gloves you can easily access the optimized buttons and use all functions.

🛠️ The easy operation will inspire you! The Skytraxx 5 offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to customize countless settings to your liking. Your individual flight experience is the focus.

📈 Experience precise climb values and delay-free beeping thanks to our advanced sensors. Enjoy clear views at all times on the optimally sized display, even in direct sunlight.

🔗 With integrated FANET and optional FLARM support, you always stay well connected and safe in the air. ADS-L ready. The future is now!

📡 Thanks to the integrated GSM technology, you will receive over-the-air updates for airspace-related data and much more. Live tracking captures your flight adventures and shares them with your friends and community in real time. The SKYTRAXX 5 can also do WiFi and BLE.

🌬️ But that's not all! Our groundbreaking highlight: the innovative thermal navigation function. Let yourself be guided effortlessly to the base and experience the sky like never before.

Live tracking, live wind values, live friends, XC flights and my XC flights. A burnair subscription is required for full support. You can find more information here.

💰 All these stunning features are available for the unbeatable price of only €599 including 19% VAT. Quality and innovation don't have to be expensive!

🔌 And don't forget, the Skytraxx 5 is equipped with USB-C, and the included silicone case protects your device reliably.

Enrich your flight experience with the Skytraxx 5 variometer, your reliable companion in the air! Experience the future of flying. Get your Skytraxx 5 today! ✈️🚀

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