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SKYTRAXX 2.1 04/2021

The Skytraxx recognizes when you are in a thermal and then switches to the thermal side with the thermal assistant. If the thermals are left, the Skytraxx switches back to the original side. Settings -> Flight Screens -> Thermal Assistant ", this option" Show automatically"can be switched on or off.

  • A new "Start" display field has been added. It shows the distance to the start.

  • The Vario responds more precisely and the sound settings have been expanded. In the menu under "Settings -> Variometer" it is now possible to switch the "Dynamic frequency change" on or off. Those who prefer the sound settings before the update can download the profile "Profil_2020.vtp" here and copy it into the directory "vario_tones". Then select the profile on the Skytraxx and activate the dynamic frequency in the settings. Sensitivity to 50%.

  • The XCtrack app is now supplied with FANET data via the NMEA forwarding. At the moment the app still has to be adjusted, from the next version of XCtrack on, FANET should also be displayed there.

  • A bug in the firmware has been fixed. In some cases the device crashed and had to be restarted.

Have fun!

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