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Firmware Update SKYTRAXX 4.0

Discover the exciting new update for your Skytraxx 4.0! Now with WiFi and BLE connectivity, bug fixes and improved stability!

We are happy to announce that not only have we integrated WiFi and BLE capabilities into the latest update for your Skytraxx 4.0, but we have also made important improvements to offer you an even smoother and more stable flight experience.

Our dedicated development team has been working hard to identify and fix minor bugs and anomalies. The update addresses potential stability issues to ensure your Skytraxx 4.0 runs smoothly and reliably. We understand how important it is for you to be able to rely on your equipment, especially while flying, and we have made every effort to ensure your Skytraxx 4.0 is reliable and error-free.

With the new WiFi and BLE capabilities, along with the bug fixes and improved stability, you have an even richer and more user-friendly flight experience at your disposal. Connect your Skytraxx 4.0 to other compatible devices and exchange data e.g. with XCTrack.

The new update for your Skytraxx 4.0 also offers improvements in the navigation functions.

Now you can benefit from optimized navigation features that give you more precise and reliable flight guidance. The update includes improved map and waypoint support so you can plan and track even more accurate flight paths. Whether you're planning long-haul flights or short-haul flights in your favorite flying area, the Skytraxx 4.0 gives you improved navigation to ensure you're always on the right course.

Furthermore, the DHV upload has been improved to enable you to transfer your flight data to the German Hang Glider Association smoothly. You can now easily record your flight activities and share the data with the DHV to take part in ratings and competitions or simply share your flight experiences with other pilots. The optimized DHV upload ensures that your data is transferred securely and efficiently.

Nothing stands in the way of your adventure in the air! Update your Skytraxx 4.0 today, by the way with GSM connectivity your Skytraxx will be updated automatically.

For those without a GSM connection, the file "esp240.lz4" must be downloaded in addition to the firmware update and also copied to the update directory. You can find both files in the download area.

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