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Turn on

Press the button until you here a short beep. Release the button within in 3 seconds and Tweety turns on. You will here the welcome sound, followed by 0.5 sec pause and the battery state:

  • 2 beeps: Battery is good
  • 1 beep: Battery is okay
  • no beep: You should consider changing the battery 

Turn off

Press the button until you hear the bye sound. Release the button.


Tweety will shutdown itself if in the past 30 min all climb rate were within -0.8 m/s to 0.8 m/s.


The sink tone can be switched on or off. Remove the battery. Press and hold the button while re-inserting the coin cell. Release the button. 

  • 2 beeps: Sink tone on
  • 1 beep: Sink tone off

A short press changes the settings. Use long press (4 sec.) to store the setting and to enter the normal operation mode again.


  • Climb threshold: > 0.3m/s
  • Sink threshold: < -2.5m/s
  • Averaging interval: 1.5 sec

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