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Basics for beginners and advanced users

Basics for beginners and advanced users

The textbook for the simplest and most beautiful type of motorless flying includes the specialist areas of equipment science (material), aerodynamics, flight practice, meteorology, navigation as well as German and Austrian aviation law. It thus forms the basis for the complete theoretical training for the restricted and unrestricted pilot's license in Germany and Austria.

"Paragliding" is a comprehensive reference work for all subject areas and goes beyond the official curriculum for paragliding training. It is aimed at beginners and experienced pilots alike.

Based on the current state of knowledge in all specialist areas, the authors take into account both the latest developments in modern aircraft and the innovations in aviation law by SERA. Numerous illustrations and photographs complement the easily understandable written text.

The book is based on the successful standard work of the same name by Urs Lötscher and Thomas Zeller for flight training in Switzerland, which is now in its 11th edition, with additions and adaptations for Germany and Austria.

Authors: Urs Lötscher and Thomas Latzel

Photos: Urs Lötscher, Jutta Reiser, Thomas Latzel, Andreas Walker

224 pages, 17x24 cm

ISBN 978-3-90501825-6-9


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