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Outlook SKYTRAXX 5

What can you expect from the next firmware update?

  • The thermal assistant page is now displayed not just once but 5 times per second.

  • TEC

"Total Energy Compensation" (TEC) is a concept used in paragliding in conjunction with variometers to provide more accurate measurement of vertical speed and better thermal detection. The goal of TEC is to balance the influence of glide speed on vertical speed, allowing pilots to fly more efficiently.

When paragliding, the vertical speed can vary depending on the rate of climb or descent of the airflow and the gliding speed of the paraglider. If a pilot is flying in a rising air bubble while simultaneously gliding forward at high speed, the measured climb rate may be reduced by the forward movement of the glider. This can cause the pilot to miss the updraft zone.

To solve this problem, the SKYTRAXX 5 uses Total Energy Compensation. Not only is the current vertical speed measured, but the kinetic energy of the paraglider is also taken into account. The SKYTRAXX 5 therefore calculates the total energy of the system, which consists of the potential energy (due to the height) and the kinetic energy (due to the speed).

When a pilot flies in a rising bubble of air, potential energy increases while kinetic energy decreases as gliding speed is reduced. The SKYTRAXX 5 detects these changes and shows the pilot an accurate and corrected climb rate that is independent of the gliding speed. This makes it easier to detect and exploit thermals.

Overall, Total Energy Compensation allows pilots to use updrafts more efficiently and fly more safely as it provides a more accurate display of actual up and down movements and minimizes the influence of glide speed. This is particularly important for cross-country flights and paragliding competitions where precise navigation and climbing skills are important.

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